3 Ways to Nail the Industrial Chic Trend

Industrial interior design has gained real momentum over the past few years. The trend was born out of the desire to breathe a new lease of life into old factories and industrial buildings. Instead of concealing the exposed brickwork, industrial materials and mechanisms, these became features – a celebration of raw and unfinished design. And this trend is definitely here to stay. At the heart of industrial interior design is finding a living space with history and unique features, be it a barn or an old mill.

Yet, there are also many ways to add a touch of industrial chic to a more modern home by focusing on the right materials and accents. Although most of us would love an exposed brick feature wall, it might not be practical, especially in a rented property. We’re sharing three great ways to nail industrial home décor that are achievable in both a historic or more modern home.

#1 Vintage and Reclaimed Materials

Industrial interior design fuses strong, modern furniture with older materials, such as aged wood or concrete. If your space is more modern, a great way to add depth and history is through sourcing worn and textured reclaimed materials. As the industrial colour palette is neutral and focuses on blacks, greys and whites, adding materials like wood helps add warmth to a living space. Recycle old materials from salvage yards for authenticity – railway sleepers are always a popular and versatile choice, for example.

#2 Metal and Concrete Accessories

Alongside aged timber, metal and concrete are important materials for creating an authentic looking industrial space. If you’re not able to pull up the carpet for an exposed concrete floor, you can still add industrial chic to your home through accessories which use these industrial-style materials. We love Garden Trading’s cement planters and pots – adding plants also helps to soften strong, minimal design with a burst of nature. The simplicity of Nkuku’s glass hanging frames in copper or brass are perfect for adding no-frills décor to your walls, especially when filled with vintage photos or postcards in neutral tones.

Stratton Bowls and Planters

Kiko Brass Frames

#3 Contemporary Lighting

Industrial lighting is impactful, yet simple. It’s everywhere – from coffee shops to boutiques, exposed bulbs are lighting the way. And nothing says industrial more than caged lighting fixtures - where you can see the filament bulbs perched in the middle. Hang one large caged pendant in a smaller space or create a feature using pendants in varying sizes and shapes. We have everything you need to create an industrial-inspired lighting look at home with our bespoke collection. We especially love our vintage-looking filament bulbs to add a warm glow to your industrial room.

Jam Jar Lights Diamond Cage Raw Steel Lighting

NKUKU Filament Light Bulb Mini Globe

So, whether or not you are refurbishing an older property or bringing some history into a new one, there are plenty of options for adding some industrial chic to your home. Nailing this trend is all about balancing modern and industrial materials, choosing the right accessories, adding some warmth and adhering to the principle of less is more.

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