4 Fun Things To Do on a Rainy Day at Home with Kids

4 Fun Things To Do on a Rainy Day at Home with Kids

Whether it’s the weekend or half term, parents of young children can relate to the feeling of anguish when opening the curtains to find it’s absolutely pouring down outside. There’s no chance of playing in the garden and a walk is simply out of the question. Exchanging worried looks, the parents start racking their brains for new things to do on a rainy day at home. How will they keep everyone entertained without resorting to endless repeats of Peppa Pig?

Luckily, we’ve got some creative ideas for indoor activities for children. If you’re a parent who’s dreading everyone going stir crazy, check out our rainy day activities below.

1. Upcycle old clothes and accessories

This rainy day activity can be both endlessly creative and educational. Did you know that 300,000 tonnes of textile waste was thrown away with residual waste in the UK in 2016? We think it’s never too early to start explaining to kids how our choices impact the environment. If you’ve got an old t-shirt or bag that could do with a new lease of life, why not get out the craft box and do some upcycling? Our rainbow iron on patches from Meri Meri will add the perfect finishing touch to upcycled t-shirts, jackets and tote bags. For slightly older kids, this is also a great opportunity to share some basic sewing skills, such as fixing loose buttons. After your designs are finished, you could even put on a fashion show or organise a swap shop.

2. Do some giant colouring-in

Colouring is a classic rainy day activity. But, have you heard of OMY? This fun French brand kicks things up a notch with a whole host of creative colouring options, including giant posters that you can turn into wallpaper or frame as prints! We love their atlas poster which measures a huge 100cm by 70cm. It’s sure to keep the kids busy as they globe-trot from the pyramids to the Eiffel Tower. They also create pocket colouring rolls which incorporate fun games. These include a mighty metre of patterns to colour in. Plus, there are dotted lines so you can easily tear off sections as you go.OMY Large Colouring Poster - Atlas

OMY Large Colouring Poster - Atlas

3. Play changing rooms

If your child’s bedroom is in a bit of a state, why not combine tidying up with giving it a new look? Make it fun by pretending to be interior designers and help the kids make a plan of their room. You could rearrange the furniture, switch up the toys on display, make art prints from kids’ wrapping paper - be creative! If you fancy treating the little ones to some new accessories for their hard work, we love our Disaster Designs dinosaur lamps and cute felt hooks designed as animal heads - the tiger hanging hook is especially sweet. You never know, the kids might even be motivated to keep their bedrooms looking neat. Maybe...

Disaster Designs dinosaur lamps

4. Create masks and puppets for playtime

Brand Clockwork Soldier creates kits to make fun masks and 3D paper animals which require no glue or scissors. This means that there is a whole lot less mess - a winner in our eyes! The kids can create magical unicorn masks with 3D horns or even a pair of dinosaur puppets. This creative rainy day activity offers the perfect props for imaginary adventures and storytelling. 

magical unicorn masks

Even if it’s grey outside, you’re now equipped with things to do on a rainy day at home without resorting to the TV. There’s no need to venture outdoors, simply get creative and help let the kids’ imagination run wild! 

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