4 On-Trend Christmas Tree Themes To Try This Festive Season

We recently shared some fantastic festive ideas for alternative Christmas trees. Now you’ve got your tree sorted, or hauled a real one home, it’s time to dress it. And if you’re anything like us, there’s got to be a theme. We’re sorry, but tinsel, you’re out. Stylish, fun decorations, you’re in! By now you’ve probably explored our festive collections, or if you haven’t, you’re missing out! But how do you style our unusual Christmas decorations and create a theme? We’re sharing four on-trend Christmas tree themes for 2017 to help get you started.

#1 Festive Rainbow

To kick things off, we’ve got our most fun-filled Christmas tree theme. Inspired by our Woodland Adventure collection, this Christmas decorating idea is all about the colour! Dress your tree with felt animals and knitted characters, feature felt mini toadstools and anything else that catches your imagination. Personally, we like Meri Meri’s knitted llamas! This is the perfect tree for children, whose own homemade decorations will fit in a treat. Skip the tinsel and finish off your playful look with a string of rainbow pom pom lights. This is tree does not take itself seriously, but there’s still a fun theme to follow.

Felt Toadstool Decoration

Meri Meri Knitted Lllama Decoration 

Rainbow Pom Pom Fairy Lights

#2 Scandi Chic

We recently shared how to style your home for a Nordic Scandinavian Christmas. But, in short, this on-trend Christmas tree theme is all about natural woods and neutral tones. If you love the minimalist look, this is the perfect theme for your home. Again, please, no tinsel! After adding warm LED lights, wrap a string of wooden beads or a wooden garland around the branches. We love Meri Meri’s reindeer garland for this. Finish your tree with more wooden decorations and plenty of white and silver. Hang up some white and grey knitted stockings by the fireplace and you’re good to go!

Reindeer Mini Wooden Garland

Modern Scandi

#3 Modern Copper

All-copper-everything has been the flavour of the year. To stay on-trend with your Christmas tree theme for 2017, start with our copper wire snowflake lights. They’re so subtle and easy to bend – they also come in other shapes and look wonderful when illuminating jars or lanterns. What goes perfectly with copper? Blush pink, of course! This is another colour tone that has been popular this year. For the perfect base for copper decorations, add plenty of blush pink baubles.

Snowflake Micro Fairy Lights 4m

 Mini Glass Baubles Blush Pink x 24

#4 Rustic Sophistication

Nothing spells rustic sophistication than a tree dressed with Nkuku’s gorgeous glass bauble garland. It’s one of our most unusual Christmas decorations, and goes perfectly with our other pendants and baubles from the Nkuku Christmas collection. The dew drop baubles feature beautiful twinkly glass with rustic metal hoops and recycled ties – ideal for a distressed, antique look. These decorations look fantastic with deeper shades like red, purple and green.

Ekiti Bauble Garland

Dew Drop Christmas Baubles

If you’re looking for something more unusual this year that’s sure to turn heads at the annual get together - with our on-trend Christmas tree themes - why not make the tree the star of the show?

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