5 Brilliant ban.do Stationery Picks for Back To School

Do you consider yourself a #stationeryaddict or #notebookjunkie? It’s time to refresh your stationery stash for the back to school season!

There’s nothing better than a brand-new pencil case and notebook to kick-off the academic year and start how you mean to go on. And even if you’re not heading back to school after the holidays, September and the onset of Autumn is akin to the feelings we all have in January. After a little fun in the sun, we’re ready to set new goals and get organised! Take a look at our top back to school picks from one of favourite happy-go-lucky brands, ban.do.

A little bit about ban.do

New to ban.do? Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell.

ban.do was born in sunny Los Angeles and started out as a hair accessories company. Over time, ban.do founder Jen Gotch worked on some pretty cool collabs, including a certain Taylor Swift. Soon, the company had expanded their product range to what is now their extremely popular stationery designs. In fact, the first iconic ban.do planners were released back in 2014 and sold out in just two weeks.

Their designs are colourful, fun and inspired by the power of friendship. If you need something to cheer you up in maths lessons or meetings, ban.do’s bright stationery is the perfect choice. After all, who said stationery has to be plain? Just search #bando on Instagram and you’ll see what we mean. Plus, you’ll find plenty of inspo on how to style your new ban.do stationery stash.

 1. 13 Month Garden Party Planner

Since we’ve told you about the popularity of ban.do’s planners, we thought we had better start with one of their new designs. The Garden Party Planner is covered with a beautiful floral and cacti-infused pattern and packed with the ban.do features we’ve come to love. They include quotes, artwork, tabs and to-do lists. This design also comes with new stickers and a colouring page for when you really need to de-stress.

BAN.DO Garden Party 13-month Planner

2. Glitter Bomb Pen

What do we love as much as cacti and llamas right now? Glitter, of course.

If you’ve rocked up to class with a beautiful agenda or notebook, don’t just settle for a boring biro. Choose ban.do’s hypnotic glitter bomb pen which is just as fun as a snowglobe, but a lot more stylish.

BAN.DO Glitter Bomb Pen - Ice Blue

3. Holographic Notebook

Just as mesmerising as the ban.do glitter bomb pen, the holographic notebook is also hiding a surprise. Inside the shiny silver exterior, leaf through to the centre-fold and you’ll find a cute motivational quote. The notebook is perfect for giving as a gift and letting the recipient discover the quote when they need it most.

BAN.DO Holographic Ban.do Notebook

4. ‘It’s all gonna happen for you’ Pencil Case

If the motivational quote in the holographic notebook wasn’t enough inspo to ace those exams, ban.do’s uplifting ‘it’s all gonna happen for you’ pencil case will do the job. Every time you reach for a pen, you’ll be reminded that ‘you got this’. Plus, we dare you to think of a more fitting home for your glitter bomb pen. We’ll wait…

BAN.DO It's all Gonna Happen Pencil Case

5. 13 Month Pearlescent Planner

If floral designs aren’t your thing, ban.do’s pearlescent planner is for you. It has us dreaming of unicorns and mermaids… How about you? Just like the floral planner, there are loads of dreamy extras to help keep you organised including cute illustrations throughout.

BAN.DO Pearlescent Large 13-month Planner

Ready to rock it this academic year? Refresh your stash with these great ban.do stationery picks and go straight to the top of the class. Don’t forget to explore the rest of our sparkly, stationery range from the beautiful minds at ban.do.

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