5 of the Most Creative Pegboard Ideas

Pegboards have been around for years. They’re a practical way to keep tools organised in sheds and garages and typical of DIY shops. But, alongside the recent shelfie revolution, crafty folk have decided that these functional boards deserve a makeover. Storage has never looked so chic! Pegboards in all colours, shapes and sizes have started migrating from the garage, across the drive and into our home offices and living spaces. Like the recent trend for wire mesh boards, they’re so well-loved due to their versatility - you can accessorise your pegboard infinitely.

If you’re keen to kick your stylish display skills up a notch, we’ve researched some of the most creative pegboard ideas around and their accessories of choice.

#1 Bathroom Basics from Fall For DIY

It doesn’t take long for a bathroom to feel cluttered. The beauty industry is a big one - we’re constantly told we need the next rejuvenating face cream or advanced toothpaste. If you hate the mismatch of colours strewn around your bathroom, Fall For DIY has a Scandi-chic minimalist solution you’ll love. She’s created a standing vanity unit for her beauty essentials, making sure the rest of her products are carefully stored away. It’s also a great way to add interest to a small bathroom space.

image of pegboard from Fall For DIY

#2 A Spot for your Snaps from Block

 In the past, pegboards have been used as a functional way to display tools and other useful bits and bobs. Now, we’re realising that they don’t have to just be practical, they can be purely aesthetic. In fact, pegboards make a pretty great alternative to traditional photo frames. We love the way photos are displayed on this monochrome pegboard from Block.

image of white pegboard from Block

#3 Botanical Bliss from Geofleur

The houseplant trend is here to stay. And we couldn’t be happier about it! A home full of cacti and succulents is a happy one. If you can’t stop buying them (it’s addictive, right?), then you’re going to need to come up with some new ways to display them. Planty people Geofleur shared a great example of how pegboards and plants go hand in hand over on their Instagram. A white background paired with plants of different sizes in pots that compliment each other - it’s so simple, yet effective.

Major #pegboard love for @kreisdesign || geo-fleur.com #geofleur ||

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#4 Wonderful Workspace from Place of My Taste

There are many great examples of pegboard ideas centred around studies and workspaces. This has to be one of our favourites, though. Place of My Taste has created an entire pegboard wall! With clever geometric painted sections, the wood is not overpowering. Instead, it’s a fun super-sized version of a pegboard that ties into the room’s wider colour scheme perfectly. It’s so creative, we’re in awe! 


#5 Ultimate Open Shelving from Standard Studio

Standard Studio are a design studio based in Amsterdam and their portfolio will make you nothing short of envious! Their pegboard creation for this stylish flat boasts storage on storage. There are large crate-like box shelves to add depth and interest to this large board, meaning that it’s got plenty of practical space, as well as heaps of style.

Old school conversion ‘Ons dorp’

These are just five of our favourite pegboards ideas, but we think they prove that the possibilities with pegboards are limitless! If you don’t fancy too much DIY, we stock Block Design’s pegboards in a variety of fun colours. You can also choose some pegboard accessories, such as wooden letter tiles to customise your board and create your own look. We’d love to see how you decorate yours!

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