5 things you need to know about being a plant parent

With more and more of us working from home, there has never been a better time to set up your very own plant paradise. From windowsills to desk nooks, there is no space big or small that can’t benefit from a lush, plant pal, but what happens if you’re not a green-fingered goddess?

Don’t you worry, Angela, creator of the Green & Wild brand wasn’t either, ‘I was a notorious plant killer, and I didn’t keep house plants for years because of that! My interest in house plants was re-ignited when I started selling ready made terrariums about 3 years ago that were made by a local seller, they sold really well and I thought well I can have a go at this myself’ And so can you, thanks to our handy plant guides and Angela’s Expert tips (as seen in The Metro) we’ll have your home full of thriving plant babies in no time.

Use the right plant food

A major component to stimulate growth is nitrogen (as well as phosphorus and potassium) so pick a plant food rich in nitrogen to get your plant growing. Remember, plants are dormant in winter, so don’t waste fertiliser during this time. Our ‘Plantsmith Houseplant Care Kit’ is the perfect product for those who want to keep their plants thriving, made up of ‘Plant food tonic’ with 13 essential nutrients to keep your houseplants happy & healthy and ‘Perfecting houseplant mist’ to help boost their health.

Create humidity

Most plants originate from the tropics and like high humidity levels, but our modern homes don’t offer this kind of humidity. So, group the same types of plants together on a tray layered with lava rocks and gravel which hold water longer and create evaporation – keeping your plants thriving no matter the conditions.

Getting the soil right

Re-pot your plants and ensure the new soil also contains the right nutrients for good growth, it’s also important not to over water them. It’s a big no-no to leave your plants sitting in water as this will rot the roots and kill the plants. Feed them when they need it then come back and check 15 minutes after watering to pour away any excess pooled water.

Get the conditions right

Every plant is different and like people, every one demands a different care routine specific to their needs. All Green & Wild plants come with a beautifully designed care card which will tell you everything you need to know about keeping your plants thriving. Another great tip is to make sure the light is right. Use an iPhone (download a light metre app) to measure light levels in your room and make sure it’s right for your specific plant by doing your homework online.

Keep it simple If you’re not the best at keeping plants alive, don’t panic, there is a plant for you in the range. Don’t be tempted to go for something high maintenance, instead why not look at the succulent family, they’re hardy, need less watering and thrive on windowsills in direct sunlight. Our top pick is curly-haired ‘Zelda’ a Fishbone Cactus that grows faster than your average.

The full Green & Wild range is available online now and can be posted direct to your door. Got any plant predicaments for us to help you with? Simply comment below and we’ll add them to our next plant-based blog.

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