Greetings and Valentines Cards by Sarah Ray Illustration

As Valentines day approaches we've been hunting high and low for the latest on trend designs, and we're really happy to announce we're now stocking fabulous greetings and Valentines day cards by the rather special illustrator - Sarah Ray.

Sarah Ray is an illustrator, designer, creator and candlestick maker.
Well not really the last one. Sad slugs, musical worms and rabbits on flying carpets are just some of the things she likes to draw. Her work has been commissioned by a variety of clients including Bloomsbury, Birmingham Royal Ballet, NHS, Friends of the Earth, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, CowPR and Squidgy Face Books.

Sarah Ray

About Sarah Ray Illustrator

 You can find her range of cards and other illustrative creations online at or of course in our bricks and mortar lifestyle store in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Here's a couple of examples of her amazing work available online at Feather and Nest:

'Wrong End Dear' Card!

Sarah Ray Illustration 'Wrong End Dear' Card

Spread the Love Card!

Sarah Ray Illustrator Spread the Love Card



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