Alternative Valentine’s Cards and Gifts to Make Sparks Fly

While the origin of Valentine’s Day is still contested, there has been significance attached to the 14th of February for hundreds of years. Yet, it wasn’t until the early 19th century that cards started to become mass-produced to mark the occasion. Like many, we’re not fans of the mass-produced. After all, you can’t produce love in a factory! For those who like the idea of expressing their feelings or gratitude for their other half on Valentine’s Day, but cringe internally at the thought of picking out a sickly sweet card, this list is for you. We’re sharing unusual and alternative Valentine’s Day cards and gifts that serve up plenty of wit and a large helping of cheekiness. Why? Because couples who laugh together, stay together.

Ever So Slightly Cheeky Valentine’s Cards and Gifts

For Those Who Haven’t Said The L Word Yet

We all know what it’s like when you’re embarking on a new relationship - you’ve got to play it cool. Or, at least, pretend to be 99% normal so they keep going out with you. The fear of coming across too keen and blurting out ‘I love you’ on the third date is real. But, don’t worry, you can skip the perils of the traditional Valentine’s Day card aisles, stamped with I love yous and messages to husbands and wives. We’ve got your back with the Sooshichacha, “you’re a massive bell end but I still like you loads” card. Just make sure they can take a joke, first.

For those that want to be Romantic

If you’re not yet ready to be mildly insulting in the name of humour, but are feeling romantic instead, and really want to treat someone then our beautiful mini tumbled gemstone necklaces make the perfect Valentine’s gift.  Rose Quartz is known widely as the stone of unconditional Love & Friendship, now you can’t get much more romantic than that!

For The Best Friend

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romance. Crank up the bromance with your buddies or celebrate your sisters with a Galentine’s-style gift instead. Best friends are there to dissect every Tinder date, uncover cryptic text messages and help you celebrate the milestones. Share the love with this cute Bestie book, full of inspiring & uplifting quotes we like ‘Boys are whatever, Best Friends are forever!’ Bestie Book

For The Happily Single

Not everyone wants to get mushy come the 14th of February. To make your single friends smile, send them an ironic anti-Valentine’s Day card. These alternatives cards have become increasingly popular during the past few years as a reaction to the influx of red hearts and roses.  For the ultimate self treat, the ‘Self Love’ dark chocolate bar from Creighton’s Chocolaterie promotes taking time out to look after yourself, a selfish treat just for you and no one else. 

For Getting Straight To The Point

If you’ve been with your other half for some time and date nights are sadly few and far between, or, you simply want to send a very clear message, we have the solution. This cheeky Valentine’s Day is mini in size, but big in impact. After all, you can’t get much more direct than saying ‘Let’s Be Rude’! 

For The Extremely Smitten

With the caption “sometimes when I see your face a tiny bit of excited wee comes out ”, you might be bordering on sharing TMI (too much information) with this card, but you also might win some points for being endearing. Well, we said might.

These are just some of the cheeky and alternative Valentine’s Day cards and gifts we have online and in store. If you want to celebrate your feelings by telling it like it is, you’ll find the perfect quirky message to share.

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