Back to School Stationery To Send You To The Top Of The Class

The summer holidays are coming to an end which can mean only one thing; it’s time to go back to school! Despite the inevitable groans from children knowing their care-free summer freedom is almost over, and from their parents when they realise their kids’ feet have grown by two sizes during the summer break, we all secretly love the back to school period. It doesn’t just mean a sigh of a relief for parents who get their routines back, or the excitement that comes with getting to see your school mates everyday again. It means that all-important trip to get new stationery, of course! There’s nothing worse than settling into your first class of the new academic year to find you’ve got the same pencil case as your peers. So, skip the high street and check-out the highlights from our Back to School collection, featuring one of our favourite L.A. based brands,

Get organised with agendas and notebooks!

After a long, lazy summer, it’s time to get organised again. Swap boring school planners for one of’s chic agendas. Getting your homework written down has never been this much fun - they’re so much more than a simple diary. They’re packed with stickers, illustrations, quotes, weekend to-dos and a cool poster, all finished with a gorgeous cover.

Grab one of’s agenda starter packs to complement your new agenda, full of rose gold stationery essentials to help you accessorise. We love the rose gold paper tape and cute heart-shaped stamp marker pen.

Agenda Starter Pack

We also stock loads of’s fun notebooks, so you can consider your note-taking sorted! They also make the perfect gift for those friends with September birthdays. Why not hide a couple of’s compliment cards inside, too?

Mini Compliment Cards from

Where to stash your stuff

A new pencil case at the beginning of the school year is almost a rite of passage. Let’s face it, last year’s is probably suffering from ink stains by now! Luckily for you, we’ve got some great choices so you can stash all your stationery and keep it safe as you move from class to class. The ‘I am very busy’ pencil case in lovely pastel blue is a firm favourite, especially with its chic metallic gold interior.

Filling your pencil case

Pens and pencils are back to school essentials. But don’t settle for a boring HB! Choose’s compliment pencils, a set of 10 pencils in different colours with individual uplifting quotes. They’ll definitely give you a much-needed boost as you pour over those maths equations. We love the super sparkly “You make it rain rainbows” pencil, but what’s your favourite? If you’re ready to get your essays down in ink, we also stock some cute pen sets that you’ll love.

Sweet Talk Pen Set

Sweet Talk Pen Set from

That’s back to school sorted, then! We’ve got everything you need to be top of the class this academic year, and the envy of all your school friends.

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