Christmas Checklist: 10 Things Not To Forget

December is a whirlwind. From office Christmas parties to shopping and nativity plays, our days, evenings and weekends are filled with festive plans and preparation. As the week before Christmas approaches, stress levels begin to rise (as does our mulled wine intake, probably). By this stage, you’ve decked the halls, found the perfect gifts and ordered the turkey. But anyone planning Christmas knows that this is just the beginning. When your home is chosen for the family’s Christmas festivities, the pressure is on to deliver a Nigella-standard Christmas feast. With so much to think about, it’s easy to forget something, which is why we’ve put together a handy Christmas to do list for the lead up to the main event. Some of these things may seem small, but they could make or break the perfect Christmas!

#1 Emergency Gifts

There’s always one neighbour or friend who pops over unannounced and decides you’re ‘doing gifts this year’. Avoid the awkwardness and create a stash of emergency presents to hand out. Candles and luxury chocolates are ideal.

#2 Kitchen Foil and Clingfilm

Running out of either kitchen foil or clingfilm is what Christmas nightmares are made of. Perhaps slightly dramatic, but we think dry turkey, a splattered microwave and no way to cover our leftovers is something we’d like to avoid this year!

#3 Last Posting Dates

Now you’ve got the perfect gifts, don’t fall at the final hurdle and miss getting them to their recipient in time. Send all 2nd class post by Wednesday 20th of December and 1st class by Thursday 22nd of December to ensure your presents make it.

#4 Napkins

Napkins are underrated! They’re essential for mopping up inevitable spills at the dining table, or for handing around canapes and saving on plates at your Christmas soirees. Plenty of festive napkins are a must.

#5 Extra-Long Matches

For log fires and to fill your home with festive scented candles, you’ll need plenty of matches. Not to mention, you’ll need some for setting light to the Christmas pudding! It never goes up the first time and trust us, the extra-long variety are better for avoiding burnt fingers.

#6 To Fill Your Ice Cube Tray

Nobody likes a warm G & T. With so much food packed into the fridge, it’s hard to get the drinks in too. Make sure you fill your ice tray a few days before, or even better, buy a bag of ice to stick in the freezer.

#7 The Trimmings

Apparently, cranberry sauce is one of the things we’re most likely to forget to buy during the Christmas shop. The trimmings and sauces that complement our Christmas dinner are one of the reasons it’s so tasty. Check your food shop list for all the accompaniments, and don’t forget to top up the salt and pepper mills.

#8 Batteries

New toy, no batteries? There’s nothing worse than not being able to play with your new present. Stock up on batteries to keep everyone smiling.

#9 Crackers

Another star of the Christmas dinner table, it’s not Christmas without crackers! Everyone loves this tradition, despite the terrible jokes, so don’t forget to get enough for the whole table.

#10 Find Out When Bin Day Is

After making sure you have enough rubbish and recycling sacks, check when waste is being collected around Christmas in your area – don’t just rely on when the neighbours put their bins out! 

And breathe. Our Christmas checklist will help you remember the finishing touches to make the holidays go smoothly, leaving you plenty of time to relax and get into the festive spirit.

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