Cracking Alternative Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

We’d hazard a guess that, after Christmas, the next favourite holiday for children is Easter. Remember the excitement of grabbing your basket and heading outside for an Easter egg hunt? The thrill of finding chocolate eggs in the garden never gets old; that is, as long as you remember to keep the dog inside! If you’re searching for some alternative Easter bunny gifts for your little ones to discover alongside the chocolate, we’ve got some eggscellent ideas (...sorry).

Mini LED Rabbit Night Light

This is one of our favourite Easter gift ideas for kids because it’s a gift that keeps on giving! After all the chocolate bunnies and eggs are consumed, this sweet rabbit lamp will still be lighting up storytime in your child’s bedroom. Emitting a soft glow, it’s the perfect companion to set them on the path to lullaby land.

Mini LED Rabbit Lamp

Bunny Earrings by Acorn & Will

Older children will love finding Acorn & Will’s bunny earrings on their Easter hunt. These sweet enamel rabbits are handmade and nickel-free.

Bunny Enamel Earrings

Knitted Bunny Rabbit

Meri Meri’s cute knitted bunny is a fab Easter present for younger kids (especially, if you’re trying to avoid a sugar overdose). As it’s small enough for little ones to carry with them, we reckon they’ll be best friends long before Easter weekend’s over.

Knitted Stripe Bunny

Bunny Hair Slides

Meri Meri’s bunny hair grips are another Easter gift idea that the kids will love all year round. These sweet slides are made from felt and feature pom pom tails.

Bunny Felt Hair Pins

Rabbit Hot Water Bottle

Catherine Tough’s super soft lambswool hot water bottle will keep kids snug while we wait for the warmer weather to arrive. Hands off parents!

Lambswool Rabbit Hot Water Bottle

Artisan chocolate bunnies

While we’ve focused the majority of our list on alternative Easter presents for kids, we can’t forget the chocolate! We like our chocolate bunnies from Creighton’s - their strawberry and white chocolate version is particularly delicious. Each bunny comes in a plastic bunny-shaped case which you can save and re-fill with more treats next year. They also feature a hanging loop, making them ideal for hiding in trees for your egg hunt!

Strawberry White Chocolate Bunny

Throwing your own Easter party for the kids?

Those who are familiar with Meri Meri will know that cute is their middle name. If you’re throwing an Easter celebration for children, Meri Meri’s adorable party accessories are just what you need. What could be sweeter than bunny-shaped plates and crackers? Maybe their adorable bunny pinata party favours that are packed with confetti and Easter temporary tattoos! To keep the kids busy, we recommend Meri Meri’s Easter egg decorating kit (don’t worry, there are instructions!)

Bunny Easter Party Plates

Bunny Pinata Party Favours

Also looking for alternative Easter present ideas for adults? Take a look at our full Easter gift collection for Spring-inspired non-chocolate picks for adults. We hope you have a cracking Easter!

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