Father’s Day Gift Ideas for All Types of Dads

This is your timely reminder that Father’s Day 2017 is fast approaching! It falls on Sunday 18th June this year. And although dads are notoriously hard to buy for, don’t worry, we’ve got some fantastic Father’s Day present ideas for those tricky dads! Whatever your dad’s interests, we’re confident he’ll love our witty and fun Father’s Day gifts.

For Whisky lovers

Is your dad a whisky fan? We’ve got the perfect present ideas for whisky lovers. We’re stocking quirky ‘half-full’ and ‘half-empty’ whisky glasses, which come in a stylish presentation box.

mens whiskey glasses

For die-hard whisky connoisseurs, we’ve also got a fantastic set of whisky stones to keep the drink cool without becoming diluted with ice. Soapstone also harbours less bacteria than ice and can easily be washed and reused.

whiskey stones

And to accompany a quiet drink, we’ve got the ultimate whisky bible – ‘101
Whiskies To Try Before You Die’.

101 whiskies to try before you die

For The Well-Groomed

Most of us probably feel that a dad’s mission in life is to embarrass his kids. But for the few who are blessed with a suave, too-cool- for-school dad, we’ve got some great gifts! We love the Men’s Society ‘Off To The Gym Kit’. This kit contains everything an active dad needs to freshen up after a session at the gym: cleansing face wash, shampoo and body cleanser, hair wax, toothpaste and a disposable toothbrush.

 mens gym wash kit

Although these all fit into a handy tin, why not treat him to a ‘Dapper’ wash bag too?

mens dapper wash bag

For Beer lovers

When it comes to choosing a gift for your dad, it’s a pretty safe bet to choose something beer related! We’ve got some great, quirky, cast-iron bottle openers from spanners to anchors and wall-mounted bear-heads!

spanner bottle opener

anchor bottle opener

bear head bottle opener

These are musts for any man cave. Another great gift for beer lovers is our ’Fifty Places To Drink Beer Before You Die’ book – the ultimate beer bucket list for dads.

50 places to drink beer before you die

But if those brewery tours get too much, we’ve got the perfect antidote: a humorous Ladybird book on ‘The Hangover’!

ladybird hangover book

For The Outdoor Adventurer

For dads who are big fans of the great outdoors, we’ve got some great gift ideas to appeal to their adventurous nature! We love the Gentleman’s Hardware enamel mugs, available in cream or black. They’re perfect for camping and fishing trips.

mens enamel mug

Or if a cuppa doesn’t quite cut it, why not gift your outdoor-loving dad a stylish, stainless steel hipflask? Hard-wearing but funny, the ‘Hair of the Dog’ hipflask comes in a lovely kraft box. Perfect for giving as a gift, and even easier to wrap!

hair of the dog hip flask

Blend into the great outdoors with a practical khaki canvas wallet, or if all else fails, give the gift of novelty animal-themed socks!

mens khaki canvas wallet

mens fox ankle socks
Dads are hard to buy for, but we hope to have given you some inspiration for a Father’s Day present that he’ll both love and use! We are also stocking some lovely chuckle-worthy Father’s Day cards for you to pair with your chosen present. We’re a one-stop- shop when it comes to sorting out the perfect gift for tricky dads, and you can shop our collection both in store and online.

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