Fun and Festive Stocking Fillers for £15 and Under

The tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace has been around for centuries. Some say it originated from the story of a recently widowed man who was struggling to provide for his three beautiful daughters. Due to a lack of money for a dowry, it would have been unlikely that the daughters would marry. Rumour has it that St. Nicholas overheard other villagers talking about the family and later filled the girls’ stockings that were drying by the fire with gold coins. With the money, the daughters were able to marry. 

Nowadays, the gold coins in our stockings tend to be of the chocolate variety - what a shame! Gold coins aside, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you fill your stockings, especially those for adults and teens. Take a look at our top picks for £15 and under.

Stocking Fillers for £5 and Under


It’s a given! But your edible stocking fillers don’t have to be predictable. Have you tried our artisan chocolate from Creightons? This brand, founded by a mother and daughter duo, uses quality Belgian chocolate as a base for its creations. Inspired by nostalgia for 90s pop culture and all things sweet, these chocolate bars are not only highly creative, but also beautifully wrapped.

Cosmic Bubbles Chocolate

Try Cosmic Bubbles - champagne flavoured dark chocolate with popping candy - £4.50

Gin and Tonic Lip Balm

This lovely lip balm is part of our very own Nordic Wood collection. It’s designed by Feather and Nest’s creative team and made in the UK using nourishing shea butter and juniper and lemon essential oil perfume.

Nordic Wood 'Gin & Tonic' Lip Balm

Buy Nordic Wood Gin and Tonic Lip Balm - £5.00

Mini Folklore Emery Boards

Folklore by Wild + Wolf is one of our most popular collections. It’s inspired by the villages and forest of Ukraine and features whimsical images of hares, foxes, owls, birds and bears. Choose your design and the recipient will find four mini emery boards inside - perfect for popping in their handbag.

Mini Folklore Emery Boards

Buy Mini Folklore Emery Boards - £2.95

Stocking Fillers for £10 and Under

Little Book of Houseplants 

Know someone who is obsessed with houseplants? Help them look after their green-leafed friends with Emma Sibley’s Little Book of Houseplants. This handy guide covers 60 different varieties.

Emma Sibley’s Little Book of Houseplants

Buy Little Book of Houseplants - £8.99

Magic Organic Apothecary Dreamy Mineral Soak

This mini 100g sachet of MOA’s dreamy mineral soak is ideal for a pre-bedtime bath. Containing cardamom oil to relieve emotional stress and relaxing lavender oil, this is a great stocking filler for busy bees.

MOA’s Dreamy Mineral Soak

Buy MOA’s Dreamy Mineral Soak - £7.00

Wild + Wolf’s General Knowledge Game

Christmas is arguably the season of family games and quizzes. Wild + Wolf’s general knowledge quiz cards test you on facts you really ought to know - this means that it will probably get heated! The handy box makes the game perfect for bringing to the pub or a dinner party.

General Knowledge Trivia Game

Buy the General Knowledge Trivia Game - £7.00

The Little Book of The Rolling Stones

If houseplants aren’t their thing, what about music legends, The Rolling Stones? Inside, there are over 170 quotes and words of wisdom from the band, collaborators, friends and others.

The Little Book of The Rolling Stones

Buy The Little Book of The Rolling Stones - £5.99

Letterpress Luggage Tag

Know someone who is a frequent flier? Whether it’s for pleasure or work, these pretty initial luggage tags will make it a whole lot easier to spot their suitcase at baggage reclaim. They come in coral, aqua and cornflower blue, depending on the letter.

Letterpress Luggage Tag

Buy Letterpress Luggage Tag - £9.00

Stocking Fillers for £15 and Under

Ridley’s Avocado Smash Game

Who doesn’t love avocados? They are most definitely the ‘in’ thing for brunch and breakfast. It turns out they work pretty well as a game concept, too! Ridley’s Avocado Smash card game is a fresh take on snap, suitable for ages 6 and up.

Ridley’s Avocado Smash Game

Buy Ridley’s Avocado Smash Game - £12.00

Gin Cooling Stones

A little like avocado, gin is having a real moment. What’s better than your usual G&T? A really cool G&T that’s not diluted with loads of ice! That’s where these gin cooling stones come in - pop them in the freezer and get them out when you need them. They’re also great for travelling to other countries where it’s not safe to drink the water.

Gin Cooling Stones

Buy Gin Cooling Stones - £15.00

Pretty Useful Tools Perfume Atomiser

This is a brilliant stocking filler for days out, weekend breaks or trips away with only hand luggage. Your recipient can take their signature scent with them with this airport-friendly atomiser that’s easy to refill.

Perfume Atomiser

Buy Perfume Atomiser - £15.00

In this gift guide, we’ve shared just some of our favourite stocking fillers for £15 or less. But there are loads more to discover within our Christmas gift collection for him and for her. And don’t forget that you can shop with us in store in Wallingford and Didcot if you’re in Oxfordshire!

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