Hang out with Indoor House Plants

Staying at home doesn't mean our lives have to be devoid of green space. Now is the perfect time to bring the outside in! You can create your own green sanctuary right inside your home with a few simple house plants.

Our house plant collection 'Green & Wild' has seen a huge surge in popularity over recent weeks, as more people turn to our leafy friends to provide some calm & tranquility.  Our most popular plants are the pretty trailing String of Hearts and String of Pearls, both super easy to look after and instantly add style to your home.


If you are an avid plant collector or just starting out as a new 'plant parent', we hope our tips below will help you to build your plant collection with confidence.

Our Top Tips for all Plant Parents

  • Do your homework and get to know your plant's personality: it's likes & dislikes, treat it like a first date and try to find out as much as you can! 
  • Try to emulate your plants natural environment as much as possible (within reason you obviously can't set up a rainforest in your living room)
  • Do not drown your plants: overwatering is the No 1 killer of plants. Know your plant and how much water it needs, don't kill it with kindness. Watch our latest House Plant SOS to see how to water your plants from the bottom up

  • Plants need light: some more than others, choose your plant wisely to suit the light levels in your home. Some plants get sunburn just like we do
  • Provide Humidity if needed: modern homes with central heating make the air dry, misting your plants provides extra moisture. Bit like moisturising your skin each day so you don't go all wrinkly. Our plant misters will do the job just perfectly
  • Plants need friends: they thrive better when they hang out with other plants, just like humans they need friendships to live a good life
  • Learn how to re-pot your plants: they need room to grow, move them into a bigger space when the time is right, a bit like moving out of your parents and into your first flat, freedom...
  • Check your plants regularly: to keep them healthy, prune off dead leaves (bit like getting rid of split ends) & look out for unwanted insects

Feel-Good Benefits of Living with Plants

Turning to plants can also help to alleviate stress & might even help to give some structure to your day. Knowing that your plants need to be cared for and nurtured will help to get your day started. It can be very satisfying seeing your plants flourish and grow, whilst being relaxing and therapeutic too. If you needed more motivation to try your hand at some indoor gardening, here are some of the benefits of living with plants:

  • Plants add interest to your home decor and are a great way to bring the outdoors inside for those without a garden - just search #jungalow on Instagram for inspiration!
  • Some sources say houseplants can reduce stress and improve mood
  • Certain houseplants can help purify the air and remove pollutants

Visit us in-store (hopefully from 15th June) or shop our Green & Wild collection online to choose your next plant pick and its perfect pot to start creating that #jungalow style at home.





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