How to Style Your Home for a Nordic Scandinavian Christmas

Scandinavian design is having its moment. Last year, the Danish concept of hygge took centre stage and taught us about creating intimacy and feelings of cosiness and charm in our homes. Hygge is living in the moment and revelling in the small things that lift the spirit. For Danes, even the warm glow of a candle, illuminating dark winter nights, evokes feelings of hygge. In 2017, another Scandinavian concept has been on everyone’s lips: lagom. This time from Sweden, lagom is all about living a balanced life, enjoying everything in moderation. In design, most simply, this means upcycling, choosing products made from sustainable materials and decluttering your home.

Whether you prefer hygge or lagom, we are home to many Scandinavian brands and are big fans of Nordic-style design. Christmas time is the perfect season to embrace all things Scandi and opt for a more stylish and less cluttered home. This year, Scandinavian influences have informed our Christmas collections and we’re excited to share how to add some Scandi-chic to your festive spaces.


Have you noticed that Nordic interiors are never cluttered? Many seem to embody lagom and strike a perfect balance of décor and minimalism. Most of us are guilty of getting the Christmas decorations out and layering them over the home accents we already have on display. The result? A busy, not-so-relaxing space. Instead, make room for your Christmas accessories and store other knick-knacks safely away until the New Year.

Choose your Scandi story

When it comes to Scandinavian design, there’s lots of emphasis on neutral tones and natural materials like wood to bring warmth and texture. If this is the Scandi-chic look you have in mind, our Modern Scandi collection is perfect. It features matt finishes in greys and whites with a very subtle hint of sparkle. 

Xmas Baubles

Xmas Baubles

While lighter tones and beech woods may be the first thing that pops into mind when you’re planning a Scandinavian Christmas, we believe there’s another Scandi story to consider. Our alternative collection, Dark Nordic, is inspired by the long, dark nights of winter and the more opulent celebrations at Christmas time. If your home features warmer tones, Dark Nordic’s chocolate, deep midnight blue and copper hues offer an alternative, more lavish take on Nordic interiors for Christmas. These beautiful decorations also make the perfect backdrop to grown-up Christmas dinner parties.

Navy & Gold Luxury Christmas Crackers

 Graphic Beaded Bauble Dark Chocolate

Add comfort and candles

After choosing your decorations, the next step is adding a touch of hygge to your home. During the festive season, our homes are opened to family members and visitors who we want to welcome. Refresh your cushions and soft-furnishings for winter and add plenty of candles to create an inviting atmosphere.

 Cairo Cushion Raven


And most importantly, enjoy your new hygge-inspired space and be present when you’re chatting with your loved ones.

This year, embrace something new and refreshing. Opt for a Scandinavian Christmas and declutter your home in the process. And if you’re looking for Scandinavian-inspired gifts for your loved ones, take a look at our collections from Becksöndergaard.

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