Ice Ice Baby - Ice Kitchen Artisan Ice Lollies Now In Stock at Feather & Nest

We now stock this rather cool range of artisan ice lollies from UK brand Ice Kitchen.
Their recipes are unique, classics with a twist, created by chef/owner Cesar Roden with innovative chef/artist Nadia Roden. 

Lollies are handmade in their Ice Kitchen in London, using the very latest rapid freezing technology. They make fruit, dairy and cocktail lollies using only the finest ingredients - whole fresh fruits, fresh milk and cream, the finest chocolate, coffee, herbs, spices and aromatics.

Lollies contain no artificial anything!

Ice Kitchen - Reinventing the Ice Lolly

Ice Kitchen have transformed the nostalgic classic childhood treat and turned it into a gourmet pleasure for adults as well as children!

Ice kitchen's story started in New York in 2010, where Nadia Roden created Lilly Lolly’s Ice Kitchen, the first gourmet ice lolly venture in the city! Cesar Roden spent a hot summer in NYC in 2010 helping his aunt Nadia with Lilly Lolly's. The response from NYC was so great that it made Cesar think the business would flourish in the UK, as no one else was doing anything similar. So, in 2013 Cesar brought the idea to London and Ice Kitchen was born!

Ice Kitchen was spotted by the BBC, and Cesar appeared live on the One Show with Lord Sugar. In July 2014 Ice Kitchen released their hardback recipe book: 'Ice Kitchen: 50 Lolly Recipes'. With unique recipes made by Cesar and his Aunt Nadia, the book was listed as No.1 bestseller in Amazon’s desserts and has since been published internationally in 15 countries. Between 2014 to 2016, Ice Kitchen was awarded with a number of gold stars on our lollies, including our Rose and Pistachio, Raspberry and Fresh Mint, Fresh Mint and Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey tea, and their Mojito Poptail lollies. 

Ice Kitchen 2017 Range at Feather & Nest!



Here is our twist on the classic American Creamsicle, which are hand dipped in white chocolate for an extra luxurious finish. This indulgent lolly is rich and oh so moreish - you will be coming back for more.



Artisan Ice Lolly Iced Coffee

A jolt of freshly brewed coffee, a splash of smooth fresh cream and condensed milk are all combined into this Vietnamese style iced coffee, creating the perfect pick me up!


artisan Ice Lolly MILK CHOCOLATE

One of our most moreish lollies. Chocolate, milk and cream blended to create a silky smooth ‘Chocolate Truffle on a stick’


Artisan Ice Lolly Mojito Poptail

One of our most popular and sophisticated lollies for adults is our Mojito Poptail. Fresh mint has been steeped overnight in fresh lime juice, combined with a dash of sugar and more than a splash of white rum, with a slice of fresh lime suspended inside - this lolly is a delight for all the senses.


Artisan Ice Lolly PEACH & HIBISCUS

Made with whole fresh peaches and Egyptian hibiscus, this sweet and tart exotic red lolly is a natural anti-oxidant and is only 41 calories per lolly. This lolly not only tastes delicious but looks enticing as the peach floats amid the ice.


Artisan Ice Lolly Raspberry and Fresh Mint

This delicious lolly has a subtle undercurrent of fresh mint and is packed full of the sweetest raspberries. At only 64 calories per lolly, this is a tasty and refreshing healthy treat!


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