When Feather and Nest met Anna Schmidt, the creative mind behind ALSO Home

After over ten years working in design, Anna Schmidt launched ALSO Home, a stylish homewares brand that breathes creativity and reflects the stories of the talented artisans behind the products. As one of our favourite textiles brands at Feather and Nest, we thought we’d catch up with Anna and get to know ALSO Home a little better!

Anna Schmidt of Also Home at work

ALSO Home places a lot of emphasis on creating unique, creative collections. Tell us more about the artisans that help create ALSO Home's vision.

Anna: We work with craftspeople all around the world many of which I’ve had a relationship with for many years. We like to champion traditional crafts and techniques and transfer them into modern forms. We work closely with the craftsmen and women, challenging them to make something relevant in a modern world.

It's all beautiful, but which parts of the collection are you secretly most excited about for SS18?

Anna: I’m most excited about the introduction to rugs, a first for ALSO Home. Each rug is made entirely by one person, taking days to create these woven works of art. The rugs are made on traditional looms in India, again keeping these old techniques alive. Truly made by hand I can honestly say these rugs have been made with love and attention.

Any big trends to watch in 2018? How will these influence ALSO Home this year?

Anna: We don’t follow minute trends, we like to think our pieces have been made to fit into your home and will transfer through seasons and styles. They are pieces to be cherished and loved, moving with you as your styles and tastes change. The big trend in 2018 which we like is ‘Wabi-Sabi’, mastering the art of imperfection. In a digital age where everyone is constantly comparing it’s refreshing that a trend has arisen all about appreciating what you have, not indulging in throw away fashion which is exactly what ALSO Home is about. We love crinkled linens and organic shapes. We appreciate how things are made and the story behind the pieces.

Share with us your top interior styling tip.

Anna: Add intrigue into your home with texture. Whether it is a subtle mix of seagrass with linen, or velvets paired with cottons – texture can transform you living space. Celebrate pieces in your home that have a story and are well used. Invest in pieces that you will love forever.

If there was one quote to summarise ALSO Home and the team behind the brand, what would it be?

Anna: We are forward thinking, personable and inspiration, valuing communication and honesty.

What has been ALSO Home's proudest moment so far?

Anna: It’s got to be that we still exist! I started the business during the recession and 10 years on we are still going from strength to strength and I couldn’t be prouder of what the team have achieved.


Thanks to Anna for sharing a special look into ALSO Home with us!

Anna Schmidt of Also Home

We've just had a delivery of a brand new bamboo tableware range, part of Also Home's latest collection for Spring/Summer. Here's a selection you can find right now at Feather and Nest.


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