Natural Beauty and Skin Care Brands To Leave You Feeling Radiant

Natural Beauty and Skin Care Brands To Leave You Feeling Radiant

Looking to shake up your beauty regime with some cleaner and greener alternatives? You’re not alone. Ethical Consumer reported that between 2016 and 2017 there was a 10.8% rise in the sale of ethical cosmetics. Recent years have seen a boom in organic and natural beauty brands, reflecting the modern zeitgeist of making more considered, sustainable decisions when purchasing products. However, it’s not just the effect of the chemicals used on the planet. Ethical Consumer notes growing concern over their impact on our bodies. If you’re interested in understanding more about what constitutes natural beauty products and in discovering some of our favourite brands, this article is for you.

What is organic beauty?

Organic beauty is the creation of cosmetic products using organically farmed ingredients, as opposed to herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, Genetically Modified Organisms (GM) and more. Natural products avoid synthetic fragrances and chemical ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, silicones or PEGs. But not all natural products are organic. To be absolutely sure, check for the logo of the UK’s leading certification body, the Soil Association.

Natural beauty brands we love

Magic Organic Apothecary

MOA’s natural skincare products are made in the UK and are free from animal testing, parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance. Inspired by herbal folklore, their hero herb is yarrow, which has a long history of being used in traditional medicinal remedies. Described as a ‘multi-tasking product’, The Green Balm is MOA’s original creation and can help soothe itchy or dry skin, chapped lips, eczema, insect bites, new piercings, as well as minor cuts and grazes. We’re also a big fan of their plant-based and vegan-friendly Aphrodite Facial Oil and their pre-bedtime Dreamy Mineral Soak.

Moa The Green Balm

Aphrodite Facial Oil

Magic Organic Apothecary Dreamy Mineral Soak

Lovely Skincare

Lovely believes that ‘the products that we use every day on our skin should be natural, affordable and beautiful’. And we couldn’t agree more! This colourful, fun brand from Sheffield creates handmade skincare products using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. We love their cocktail and cake inspired lip balms, body scrubs and masks, such as the 'Happy Hour' Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Balm and Mojito Body Scrub. With such feel good packaging, Lovely Skincare’s natural cosmetics make brilliant gifts for friends.

'Happy Hour' Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Balm

Mojito Body Scrub

Lady Muck 

Charity ARTHOUSE Unlimited creates products that showcase packaging designed by adult artists living with learning and physical disabilities. By supporting their work, you are in turn supporting this charity’s drive to create a sense of purpose among their artists and turn perceptions on their head. Their Lady Muck range uses natural ingredients to create lip balms, body butters, bath milks, hand creams and body scrubs with cheeky packaging designs by Peter Andrews. Some of our favourites include their cocoa and shea butter body butter and lavender, rosemary and watermint ‘Be Calm’ soap.

cocoa and shea butter body butter

lavender, rosemary and watermint ‘Be Calm’ soap

These wonderful natural skin care brands have added purpose at their core, whether that’s helping individuals thrive or taking a firm stand against animal testing. We couldn’t be more pleased to stock them at Feather and Nest as part of our collection of gifts for women. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

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