Our Favourite Contemporary Lighting Picks for Winter

On Sunday 29th October, the clocks go back and we all get an extra hour in bed – result! Though, we’re not sure that this makes up for the darker evenings that are coming. As we welcome back Greenwich Mean Time, there’s no denying that winter is well on its way. So, how can we light up the dark, chilly evenings ahead? We’ve got just the solution with our contemporary lighting collection – stylish, modern lamps and urban candles to suit whatever you’re up to, whether that’s working, getting ready for bed or relaxing. It’s safe to say that cosying up during the colder months has never looked this chic! Discover some of our top contemporary and quirky lighting picks for the winter season:

Task Lamps

There’s no need to strain your eyes as the light fades. Choose one of our task lamps to place on your desk and brighten up your workspace. From Wild Wood, these contemporary lamps are matt coated and feature brushed metal fixtures and a braided flex with a handle cable switch. They come in four colours, including a very cheerful orange to dispel any wintertime woes.

 orange task lamp

Paper Garland Lights

While bright task lamps are great for keeping you focused, string lights are the perfect atmosphere-creators. We love the paper garland lights from Nkuku – they’re handmade from folded paper and give off a lovely soft glow. Plus, their chic, geometric design looks great in the daytime when they’re off, too! Whether you’re enjoying a bit of me-time or a romantic evening in, these chic lights are the perfect pick.

paper garland lights

paper garland lights lifestyle

Urban Concrete Candles

We still love to live life the Danish way and when it comes to hygge, you really can’t get enough candles! We have a great selection of fragrances and stylish candles at Feather and Nest, but Paddywax’s urban concrete candles are some of our favourites for the winter season. They’re ideal for lovers of the industrial trend and make great centrepieces and additions to your home, whether lit or unlit. Their soy wax candles are hand-poured into contemporary, concrete pots of varying sizes with colourful geometric additions – you’re sure to find the perfect one to light up your living room. And even better, their scents are divine!

Paddywax urban concrete candles

Paddywax urban concrete candles

Children’s Lighting 

2017 has been the year of all-cactus-everything. Whether that’s cactus-shaped kitsch earrings, cushions or even temporary tattoos, we just can’t get enough these cute, spiky plants. We adore Disaster Design’s adorable cactus lamps for children, featuring smiling faces and rosy cheeks. When you’ve got one of these novelty lights by your bed, there’s no need to be afraid of the dark! The soft glow of the lamp is perfect for story-time during the darker months and can be powered by both batteries or USB.

Cactus Earrings

 cactus cushion

disaster designs cactus lamp

These are just a snapshot of the fantastic contemporary lighting products we stock at Feather and Nest. Why not browse our signature industrial lighting collection? Whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect way to light up the dark during the cold evenings ahead.

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