Sustainable Wrapping Ideas to Reduce Waste this Christmas

Did you know that we reportedly throw away some 226,800 miles of wrapping paper each Christmas? That’s apparently enough to stretch nine times around the world. While we’re not 100% certain how much of that ends up being recycled, we can safely say that a LOT of what we think can be recycled, can’t be! 

Some wrapping paper is plastic-based which can’t be recycled, nor can paper covered in glitter, foil or sticky tape. It’s generally advised that if you scrunch up your wrapping paper and it stays in a ball, it can be recycled. If it springs back, it’s likely destined for the bin. This festive season, we’re encouraging everyone to do their bit to reduce the waste caused by Christmas wrapping. Below, we’ve put together some ideas for sustainable gift wrapping that not only looks stylish, but is intended to be kinder to the planet. 

Decorate Kraft Brown Paper

Now you know that much of the wrapping paper we buy can’t actually be recycled, why not opt for kraft brown paper and ditch the glittery stuff? Brown paper is usually pretty cheap to buy and can be decorated to your own taste. Why not make a stamp out of a potato and create your own design? The possibilities are endless! 

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There are a lot of posts circulating social media about not using the usual commercial wrapping paper but kraft paper. But how to make it look festive which is simple to do? Make your own stamps...kinda 😏 1. Potato printing: cut out a shape using a knife or cutter. It doesn't need to be perfect! Choose your coloured paint and stamp away. 2. Use a cookie cutter as a stamp, no cutting potatoes required! 3. Use the end of a pencil with a rubber, most of us have one of them lying around. Get creative, get the family involved and have a craft evening 😁 #fweetmanandson #sustainablewrapping #sustainablechristmas #christmasinpo #kenilworth #warwick #warwickshire #kenilworthvibes #leamingtonspa #getyourcrafton #craftychristmas

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Collect Embellishments

Chances are you've already got a few embellishments for your festive wrapping around the house. Here are some ideas of what you could re-use:

  • Pages of old books or magazines
  • Ribbons from flowers and other purchases
  • Orphaned buttons
  • Old baubles
  • Fabric offcuts and trims for bows
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Who else is thinking about being more eco-friendly with their Christmas wrapping this year? I discovered this on Pinterest and I thought how lovely it looks. We could swap the rosemary for a more festive sprig of eucalyptus and definitely keep the citrus touch for a nod to our use of neroli oil 🍊 . Any other creative ideas, we'd love to hear them! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #nosecretsbeauty #nosecrets #christmasgiftsforher #xmasgiftsforher #luxuryskincare #luxury #ecofriendlywrapping #cleanbeauty #naturalskincare #neroli #rosemary #chemicalfreehome #chemicalfreelife #chemicalfreeliving #ecofriendlyliving #lifeandthyme #diycrafts #sevenoaks #sevenoaksmums #tunbridgewells #tunbridgewellsmums #kentbusiness #shopindie #naturalliving #naturalhome #bringnatureinside

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Delve into the Kitchen Cupboards

Use cinnamon sticks, sprigs of rosemary and dried orange slices to create fragrant and festive toppers for your gifts. Bonus points if you have grown the rosemary yourself in the garden! The recipient could also save the cinnamon and orange slices for their own potpourri and festive displays, giving them an even longer life.

Use Reusable Kraft Bags

As great as brown paper is, some gifts are just not easy to wrap. That’s where our Block Bottom Bags come in. They are made of paper, yet sturdy enough to hold their shape. As well as being reused for giving more gifts later down the line, they can also be used as a fun home for pot plants. We’re stocking these in a variety of sizes and designs, including polka dots, stripes and plain kraft brown.

Large Block Bottom Bags - Gold Spot

Save Those Scraps

Accidentally cut too small a piece of wrapping paper or lovingly kept some beautiful paper someone has gifted you in the past? It doesn’t have to be wasted! Using strips of roughly torn wrapping paper to finish off brown or plain paper wrapping can look really effective. Alternatively, you can patchwork your scraps together for a rustic look.

Forage for Natural Decorations

If you’ve not been eagerly saving embellishments all year, it’s not too late. Grab your secateurs and head out into the garden or woods to forage for your own natural decorations, such as pine cones and spruce. Or, just cut a few sprigs off the back of your Christmas tree - no one will know!  

Together, we can all do our bit to create a whole lot less waste this Christmas and have some fun getting creative in the process. If you’re looking for cards, take a look at our entire range of festive greetings cards - there are some that are so humorous, you won’t be able to resist them! 

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