The A to Z of Christmas Gifts for Women

The A to Z of Christmas Gifts for Women

It’s time to start gearing up for Christmas and that means ticking 101 people off our shopping lists. To help you get inspired to pair the perfect present to the right recipient, we’ve put together our annual gift guide for women. But this is not just any Christmas present round-up. Oh no, this is a whole alphabet of ideas! Read on to discover our A to Z of Christmas gifting for the ladies in your life.

A is for Accessories

We’re keeping it stylish and simple to kick off our list. If you don’t know what to buy, it’s hard to go wrong with a scarf. We’re loving the grey star constellation print design and our dusty pink blanket scarf.

Dusty Grey Gold Star Blanket Scarf

B is for Beauty

For B, we have another sure to please gift idea for women. Ditch the highstreet gift sets and choose something from one of our smaller, more original brands. Magic Organic Apothecary is one of best suggestions - their Green Balm is a 100% natural healing/beauty balm, while their Aphrodite facial oil is perfect for ending a daily cleansing ritual.

Aphrodite Facial Oil

C is for Crazy Plant Lady

Our homes aren’t complete without a few leafy friends. The houseplant trend has exploded over the past couple of years and we’re all for it! If you have a green fingered recipient in mind, we’ve got a whole host of houseplants in store. Online you’ll find tips for plant care in the form of the Little Book of Cacti and How to raise a houseplant and make it love you back, plenty of gorgeous hanging planters from Nkuku and even houseplant stickers!

How to Raise a Plant Book

D is for Dog Mummas

Know someone who loves their dog just as much as their other half? Yes, we’re talking about dog mummas - the dog-obsessed who spend a lot of their time wishing their dog could talk. For this cohort of canine enthusiasts, we’ve got sausage dog socks that are perfect for walks in wellies.

Women's Long Lambswool Socks - Sausage Dog

E is for Eco Conscious

Help your giftee do more for the planet by bestowing on them a stylish reusable mug or water bottle. When it comes to thirst-quenching, we love Squireme’s toughened glass water bottles and Stojo’s leakproof, collapsible coffee cups - genius! 

Squireme’s toughened glass water bottles

F is for Foodies

Recipe books are gifts that give back. Wrap up a recipe book and you might just be invited over for tea to trial some of the dishes! We recommend the Flexible Pescatarian book, as well as Jennifer Joyce’s My Asian Kitchen and LEON’s Happy One-Pot Cooking.

Flexible Pescatarian

G is for Gold

For something special for nieces, sisters and good friends, have you discovered &Anne’s jewellery collection yet? This Dutch brand creates sweet designs, including their gold heart earrings. These are made using high quality metals, finished with a layer of 24-carat gold and come packaged within a cute test tube. 

&Anne Gold Hoop Heart Earrings

H is for Home Fragrance

Candles and diffusers make for lovely gifts as they are things we may rarely treat ourselves to. Help the recipient embrace a new year with fresh scents such as salted grapefruit and ocean tide and sea salt from Paddywax and lime, avocado and coconut water by Wxy.

Wxy. Juiced Candle - Lime Avocado & Cucumber Water

I for Inspirational

Let’s face it, adulting is tough. Sarah Knight’s Calm the F**k Down book acknowledges all the bad stuff that can happen in life and tells you how to get on with it. If you have a friend or family member who needs a little nudge to embrace their best life, this book is the gift for them.

Calm the F**k Down Book

J is for Jewels and Gems

Semi-precious gemstones centre in Decadorn’s unusual statement jewellery. This British brand takes pride in creating long-lasting pieces that are hand-finished in their London studio. From drusy pendants to quartz necklaces and dalmation jasper statement earrings, Decadorn’s carefully crafted pieces will be the showstopper of any outfit.

Mini Semi Circle Stone Hoop Earrings - Dalmatian Jasper

K is for Kitchen

Our fine china mugs from Scion are perfect to mix and match. If you’re usually found catching up with friends over a cuppa, these stylish mugs are a great, practical gift idea for a kitchen refresh. 

china mugs from Scion

L is for Lighting

From fun pom pom garlands to neon initial lights, we’ve got plenty of innovative lighting gifts that are perfect for teens and those who like to dress their home with an extra slice of fun. 

LED Neon alphabet letters

M is for Memories

Have you enjoyed a special occasion or a trip with friends this year? In the age of Instagram, printed pictures mean so much more! Choose your favourite pics and gift them in Nkuku’s beautiful glass Kiko frames

Kiko Brass Glass Photo Frames

N is for Novelty

If you’re looking to give something small or find an add-on to a larger gift, why not give a whimsical Christmas tree decoration? Each year your loved one dresses their tree, they’ll think of you! From felt daschunds to bright rainbows, you’ll find the perfect novelty decoration to make them smile.

felt daschunds

O is for Organising

Got a friend who likes to stay on top of things? Or, perhaps, one that needs a little help in that department? We have a range of 2020 planners that are fit for this exact purpose. We especially love ban.do’s gold glitter planner

Gold Glitter Med 12 Month Planner

P is for Pink Gin

Pink gin has definitely been having a moment in 2019. Why not gift your friend their favourite tipple accompanied with some artisan chocolate by Creightons? It’s gin-flavoured dark chocolate with sparkly pink glitter. We also have a gin cocktail book for those who want to take that G&T to the next level.

Gin The Mood Book

Q is for Quiz Time

Roll back the decades with our music trivia quizzes from Ridley’s. Choose from Pop Hits, the 80s, 90s or noughties and let the competition begin! A perfect work secret santa gift or Christmas party icebreaker. 

Ridley's Pop Hits Trivia Tape Game

R is for Resourceful

Do you love to give practical presents? The Pretty Useful Tools collection offers stylish gadgets with purpose. From a clever caddy for hair pins to a refillable perfume atomiser and a multitool with a flashlight, these are true handbag saviours. 

Pretty Useful Tools Perfume Atomiser

S is for Stocking Fillers

Think lip balms, socks, pocket mirrors and artisan chocolate. Our Nordic Wood and Folklore collections are full of little treats to fill stockings or add to cosmetics bags, while Creightons offers beautifully wrapped chocolate bars in delicious flavours such as Peanut Crush and Salted Caramel.

Nordic Wood 'Caramel Latte' Lip Balm

T is for Toes

We couldn’t write a gift guide without mentioning socks! Ours are anything but predictable, however. We have luxury lambswool socks from Catherine Tough and stocking filler slogan socks emblazoned with ‘bring prosecco’ on the soles.

Bring Prosecco Slogan Socks

U is for Unorthodox

Buying for someone with a zany sense of style? For the recipients who love all things colourful, we suggest our neon pom pom cushion embroidered with a lightning bolt. It’s as bold as it sounds! 

Lightning Bolt Pom Pom Cushion

V is for Very Funny

You’ll need some fun cards to go with those gifts, right? From ‘getting busy with the fizzy’ to seasonal greetings from sausage dogs, we’ve got just the collection of chuckle-worthy Christmas cards

Seasonal Sausage Greetings Christmas Card

W is for Winter Warmers

From knitted bobble hats to chunky mittens and long socks, who doesn’t love receiving a winter warmer? Help your loved ones get geared up for winter walks and sipping mulled wine at festive markets. 

Chunky Knit Beanie Hat - Cream

X is for ‘Xplore the World

Know someone who is planning a trip next year? Or, maybe they just always seem to be on holiday! Alright for some, eh? For your pals with the travel bug, we recommend a personalised luggage tag and passport cover to help them jet off in style (and not miss their bags on the conveyor). 

Letterpress Passport Cover

Y is for Yay

Run with us on this one, Y was tricky. Our be happy and hip hip hooray wire signs are ideal for teenage bedrooms or for fun, colourful homes who want to display a bit of ‘yay’, every day. 

Hip Hip Hooray Neon Word Sign

Z is for Zoo Prints

Animal print has been big this year. For those trendy friends and family members, why not gift a luxury lambswool hot water bottle in zebra print, or opt for a stylish leopard print scarf?

Luxury Lambswool Zebra Hot Water Bottle

That’s a wrap on our A to Z of Christmas gifts for women. Hopefully, you’ve now got the ladies sorted! Don’t forget to check out our collections for gifts for men and for the kids in your life, too. 

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