The Pots and Planters You Need to Achieve That #JungalowStyle

Bringing nature indoors to accentuate our interiors has been one of the biggest trends of the past few seasons. Whether it’s succulents, cacti or tropical patterned foliage, the houseplant renaissance is in full bloom.

And there’s nothing that sums up this trend more than #jungalowstyle. You might have spotted this hashtag on Instagram, but the phrase was actually coined by American designer and interiors lover, Justine Blakeney. Her blog Jungalow is packed full of inspiration for quirky and fun boho interiors – of course, featuring plenty of plants. But what exactly is the definition of jungalow style? Justine’s signature and celebrated look is a blend of colour, pattern, plants and accessories found from all over the world. Think natural, woven textures, maximalist patterns, bold colours and interesting plants in varying shapes and heights. Jungalow style is a feast for the eyes and food for the soul!

Want to turn your home into a jungalow? Our top tip is to create an interesting eyeline and have fun with your plants. Display plants and foliage at different heights in a variety of pots, from table-top terrariums to hanging planters. And don’t forget to be bold with your choices - #jungalowstyle is all about expressing yourself!

The Planters You Need To Turn Your Home Into a Jungalow

A New Take on Terrariums

Terrariums have been a really popular way to display smaller succulents and cacti in recent seasons. We’re really loving the simplicity of Nkuku’s new mango wood terrariums with their stylish, chunky wooden bases. In contrast to terrariums where you plant up your succulents, this cloche-like design allows you to switch the pots as often as you like. Perfect for crazy plant people!

Glass Terrarium

Mango Wood Terrarium

We’re also loving Nkuku’s hanging glass planters that allow you to see the terrarium-like layers normally hidden in a traditional pot. Made from recycled glass and hung with an adjustable leather tie, these pretty planters are ideal for smaller houseplants and even herbs.

Glass Hanging Planters

Planters with a Pop of Colour

To achieve true jungalow style, you’ve got to be brave with colour. Orla Kiely has recently launched a range of beautiful coloured hanging planters to brighten up your living spaces. Coming in dandelion yellow, green and soft rose pink, each of these retro-inspired ceramic pots are embossed with Orla Kiely’s iconic stem print.

Orla Kiely Small Hanging Planter

Stylish Standing Planters

In addition to drawing the eye upwards with vibrant hanging planters, add depth by creating entire corners of jungalow-inspired delight with industrial standing pots. Nkuku’s zinc frame planters come with a rustic terracotta pot – the perfect blend of traditional and modern. We love this look for ferns and larger plants with plenty of trailing foliage.

Nkuku’s zinc frame planters

Fill Your Containers with Patterned Plants

Based on what we’ve all been pinning, Pinterest predicts patterned plants to be big in 2018. Taking the time to choose the patterns, leaf shapes and sizes is really important to create the perfectly balanced jungalow-look. If you pop in to visit us, you’ll find our very own Green & Wild range is bigger than ever with plenty of beautifully potted up plants featuring eye-catching foliage.

Ready to turn your home into a jungalow? If we’ve inspired you to add some greenery to your scenery, tag us on Instagram – we’d love to see the results!

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