Wondering What to Get Mum For Mother’s Day? Try These Ideas

Just realised that Mother’s Day is right around the corner? This year, the annual day of celebrating our wonderful mothers falls on Sunday 31st March. If you’re wondering how to make this year extra special, we’ve put together a list of ideas of what to get your mum for Mother’s Day and how to really spoil her.

Because You Can’t Beat Breakfast in Bed

It’s a classic that never gets old. Whether it’s hot boiled eggs and soldiers, maple-syrup covered pancakes or french toast and fresh berries, who doesn’t love the surprise of breakfast in bed? Though, if your mum is in need of a lay-in, brunch in bed works too!

To make your gesture even more memorable (and depending on whether she’s a dog or cat person), you can serve your mum’s breakfast in new quirky animal themed bone china from Repeat Repeat. That’s sure to make her smile, right?

Happiness Sausage Dog Mug Orange

And Relax… All You Need for a Spa Day at Home

Let’s be honest, parents are heroes. And all that heroism is pretty exhausting. Whether the kids are still kids, or supposedly all grown up, being a mum is a job for life and these women will always be worthy of some R and R. Why not surprise your mum with a spa day at home? Aside from some relaxing music, a bath, a few of her favourite magazines and a big cup of tea (or wine, it’s your spa), you’ll need some lovely products to make her feel spoilt.

Choosing something from Arthouse Unlimited is a great way to give something to your mum and give back at the same time. The packaging is designed by artists living with epilepsy and learning disabilities, who require varying degrees of support. Arthouse Unlimited’s Lady Muck body scrub  is scented with lavender and would create a tranquil spa experience when teamed with their organic soap with lavender, watermint and rosemary.

Lady Muck Body Scrub

For the New Mums

Maybe, instead of asking “what shall I get my mum for Mother’s Day”, you’re actually thinking “what to get for their mum”. If so, you’re doing well at this whole parenting thing. There’s something special about celebrating your first ever Mother’s Day, so why not help make it one to remember? The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums by Beccy Hands and Alexis Stickland is full of useful advice for new mothers embarking on this new adventure.

The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums

Afternoon Tea Artisan-Style

When we say artisan-style afternoon tea, it means it’s time to don your apron. Well, you could ‘cheat’, but let’s be honest, if getting Bake Off-level stressed for your mum isn’t an act of love, we don’t know what is! For an extra-special way to display your baked goods, tiny sandwiches and copious amounts of tea, why not create a theme? The quaint enamel teapot and mugs from our Folklore collection would make for a woodland animal-themed tea party that will evoke childhood memories.

Folklore Enamel Sunrise Coffee Pot

You’re all set to turn your Mother’s Day gift into a grand gesture with these thoughtful ideas. And don’t forget a card she can keep re-reading, we have plenty of artistic designs to choose from for your heartfelt messages. Let’s celebrate the mums, because they’re pretty damn great!

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