Boxed Candle Neroli Magnolia & Sandalwood



Neroli, Magnolia & Sandalwood Scented Boxed Candle by Bombay Duck.  This collection of candles was inspired by the exotic gardens of Southern India, with their vibrant colours and aromas.

Packagaed in a bright and colourful gift box, making the perfect gift for a special occasion.

To enjoy this candle without generating any smoke or soot, trim the wick after every 4 hours of burning to 1/4 of an inch.  To ensure the wax burns evenly, light the candle for between 2 to 3 hours at a time.


Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Always place your burning candle on a non-flammable surface.  Keep away from flammable materials and use in a well ventilated room.