Celebrate the arrival of the Easter bunny with our gorgeous range of Easter party accessories & gifts. From Easter egg decorating kits to dress up bunny ears we've got all you need for a fun filled Easter celebration!
Bunny Enamel Earrings Quick shop
Bunny Pouch Quick shop

Meri Meri

Bunny Pouch

£9.60 GBP £12.00 GBP

Easter Egg Hunt Kit Quick shop

Meri Meri

Easter Egg Hunt Kit

£6.00 GBP £13.00 GBP

Folklore Body Butter - Minty Elderflower Quick shop
Folklore Hand Cream Quick shop
Folklore Nail Polish Quick shop
Knitted Stripe Bunny Quick shop

Meri Meri

Knitted Stripe Bunny

£17.60 GBP £22.00 GBP

Lambswool Rabbit Hot Water Bottle Quick shop
Pastel Pinwheel Decorations Quick shop

Meri Meri

Pastel Pinwheel Decorations

£12.00 GBP £16.50 GBP