Mini Hydroponic Glass Water Plant


These fascinating water plants (hydroponic plants) are grown without soil, and allow you to see the plant develop and grow, as everything is visible in the water. The beautiful roots are exposed in a glass cylinder of water, quite literally bringing houseplants back to their roots.  

These make perfect gifts, plant happiness in a mini glass tube! Available in a mix of plants depending on seasonal availability, your cylinder plant will be selected at random.

Taking care of plants in water is very simple: never put the plant itself under water, only the roots. Also leave the top part of the roots free of water so that they can breathe. A small layer of (tap) water, which only contains the roots, is therefore sufficient. Every month, rinse the roots and put fresh water in the glass. If the water becomes cloudy after a few weeks, the glass can simply be rinsed. Furthermore, a place in the light is important, which  is all this plant needs, so simple!

Plant Care Tips:

  • Watering: keep roots submerged in water as described above
  • Light: prefers bright indirect light, avoid direct sunlight

Plant Details:

  • Glass cylinder measures 6cm diameter x 20cm height
  • Available in a mix of plant varieties, your plant will be selected at random
  • Air Purifying Plant
  • Please note: Your cylinder will be shipped without water, please add water as described above

Give a gift that keeps on growing!

All our plants come with a 'Plant Personality' care card, detailing exactly how to care for your plant.  If you want to send this plant as a gift we can also include a hand-written card and won't include the price on the plant.  Just pop your message in the notes section when you check out.

You can also watch our House Plant SOS series on You tube & IGTV to learn how to keep your plants happy & healthy!