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We believe in the magic of plants to make people happy! Houseplants boast a range of feel-good benefits and are an economical and versatile way to revamp your home decor.

The past few years have seen a huge surge in popularity for the humble houseplant. And there’s little doubt why we’re all turning green-fingered, creating our own green sanctuaries by bringing a slice of the outside inside. We are huge plant fans at Feather and Nest and we have curated our own collection of plants under our brand ‘Green & Wild’. 


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We source all our plants from reputable growers in the Netherlands, and our collections are curated to offer the very best indoor houseplants to suit all needs.  If you are an avid plant collector or just starting out as a new 'plant parent', we've got it covered. You can also find the perfect pot or plant hanger to house your new Green & Wild plants, sourced with care to provide the perfect vessel for your plant.

We are vey excited to have recently launched our one stop Terrarium shop in store and online, where you can buy everything you need to create your own Terrarium at home!  Check out the range below and watch our handy video here to see exactly what you need to get planting! 

Make your own Terrarium

What is a Terrarium?

A terrarium is a sealable glass container containing soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. Closed Terrariums are self watering, the plants inside photosynthesise producing heat & oxygen which creates condensation on the inside of the glass. The moisture created self waters the plants inside & helps to maintain a humid environment inside the Terrarium. 

These amazing eco systems are so popular, as they provide fascinating self sufficient mini gardens for your home, that require little hands on care.  You can read more about these fascinatining mini gardens on our blog here.

Fancy joining a workshop instead? We are also hosting in store workshops where our team will guide you through how to plant your own Terrarium. A fun evening getting down & dirty with plants!  All tools & materials are provided, and you take away your own Terrarium at the end of the evening.  Click here for dates & details!

Make your own Terrarium

We have everything you need to create your own Terrarium at home, or if you prefer you can order a pre-made Terrarium for collection from our store too. 

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If you are looking for a range of decorative pots that are stylish, high quality and the perfect pot partner for your plants then you are in the right place.  We source our pots from Italy, The Netherlands and the UK, sustainably made in the best quality materials for your plants is our criteria for a good pot.

Serax Plant Pots

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If you are shopping with us online, we carefully package all our plants in sustainable recyclable packaging. All our plants are delivered with a 'Plant Personality Care Card' for that all important aftercare, we want to ensure you know exactly how to care for your plant. Plant happiness guaranteed!

Green & Wild Plant Care Cards        
Green & Wild Plants

Give a gift that grows! Our plants also make great house warming gifts and gifts for special occasions. There is nothing better than giving a gift that lasts and plants can do just that.  We will happily include a hand written gift card and take special care to gift wrap your plant.

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You can find all our plant collections in our Didcot store in Oxfordshire, and in Fenwick department store, at the Lexicon in Bracknell, where we have a Green & Wild Plant Shop. Choosing a houseplant is an important thing: if you are able to get to our stores to see them for yourself then that's the best way to pick your new plant in person.

We are also on hand to give you face to face advice on the best plant for your environment, tips on plant styling and all important after care advice on how to keep your new plant happy.

If you’re a plant fan, then pop by our stores to browse our plant collections for yourself, or get comfy on your sofa and browse our online store. Need some help choosing? Or just some general advice then read our top tips below!

Our Top Tips for all Plant Parents

  • Do your homework and get to know your houseplant's personality: it's likes & dislikes and try to find out as much as you can! That way you will know if it will suit your home environment
  • Think about how you can emulate your plants natural environment as much as possible (within reason you obviously can't set up a rainforest in your living room) wiht the right conditions your plant can thrive in your home
  • Do not drown your plants: overwatering is the No 1 killer of plants. Know your plant and how much water it needs, don't kill it with kindness! Cacti need very little watering and are great easy care plants 


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  • Plants need light: some more than others, choose your plant wisely to suit the light levels in your home. Some plants get sunburn just like we do, Monty our best selling Cheese plant is prone to scorching! 


  • Provide Humidity if needed: modern homes with central heating make the air dry, misting your plants provides extra moisture. Our plant misters will do the job just perfectly 


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  • Plants need friends: they thrive better when they hang out with other plants, just like humans they need friendships to live a good life
  • Learn how to re-pot your plants: they need room to grow, move them into a bigger space when the time is right, think of it when you first moved away from home and into your first flat, freedom! Read our detailed guide to re-potting here


  • Check your plants regularly: to keep them healthy, prune off dead leaves  & look out for unwanted insects, we have a fantastic range of natural plant food, shine spray & bug spray.  Check out the full range here

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