Green & Wild Plant Collection

The past few years have seen a huge surge in popularity for the humble houseplant. And there’s little doubt why we’re all turning green-fingered. Houseplants boast a range of feel-good benefits and are an economical and versatile way to revamp your home decor. We are huge fans of this botanical trend at Feather and Nest and we have curated our own collection of plants under our brand ‘Green & Wild’.

We source all our plants from reputable nurseries, hand-picked and sold in stylish pots and hanging containers. We gift package all our plants in beautiful recycled kraft bags along with a Plant Personality Care Card to take home, our plants make great house warming gifts and gifts for special occasions.

You can find our plant collections in our Didcot store, and we are now selling all our plants online too. Choosing a plant is an important thing: if you are able to get to our stores to see them for yourself then that's the best way to see how they are thriving and pick your new ‘plant baby’ in person.

We are also on hand to give you face to face advice on the best plant for your environment, tips on plant styling and all important after care advice on how to keep your new plant happy.

If you’re a fan of this botanical trend too, then pop by our stores to browse our plant collections for yourself. In the mean-time, here’s our top three most popular plants and how to care for these plant friends, we’re sharing how much (or little) water and sunlight each popular plant type needs to thrive.

String of Hearts 'Ceropegia Woodii'

By far our most popular plant, not surprisingly because this lovely trailing houseplant has heart-shaped leaves, also known as the Rosary Vine and originally from South Africa. Price range under £15


Swiss Cheese Plant – 'Monstera'

Our second most popular choice, the Monstera grows large leaves with splits and holes, giving it its Swiss Cheese Plant nickname. These make great statement plants styled in concrete pots. Price range £20-£25

Haworthia - 'Zebra Plant'

Our most popular succulent because of its striking green leaves featuring white stripes. Great little plants, easy to care for which look great styled on a window sill in 2’s or 3’s. Price range under £10