Houseplant Care

Houseplant Care Tips

Everyone can keep houseplants, with the right knowledge & handy care tips under your belt, you'll have it mastered in no time. We speak from experience, here is a quote from our founder, Angela, a reformed houseplant killer....

'I was once a notorious plant killer and didn't keep houseplants for years. It's ironic that I now own a plant shop, so if I can master looking after plants so can you! No excuses, armed with a little knowledge you too can become a plant lover💚

We want you to get the most out of your plants, so we have compiled all our care guides and handy tips in one place, so you can refer back to these at anytime throughout your plant care journey.

Just click on the images to take you straight to the plant care tips. We hope you find these guides useful and that your leafy friends flourish in your care.

Happy plant parenting!

 Summer care for houseplants


How to re pot your houseplants


Winter houseplant care tips