Want to Buy Small House Plants in the UK?

Want to purchase small house plants in the UK? Then Feather & Nest is the ideal destination for you. We offer an independent, unique shopping experience that you cannot find anywhere else. Located in Oxfordshire and run by a creative team of women, we can provide you with all the plants, pots and gifts you need to make your home a truly special place. 

We stock products that have been made and designed here in the UK, as we believe it’s vital that British small brands and designers are championed. What’s more, all of our products are of the highest quality and style, enhancing your space and upgrading your existing environment. If you are specifically looking to buy small house plants in the UK, then visit the Feather & Nest website to view our stunning collection today. 

Small House Plants in the UK

Should you be looking for small house plants in the UK, then Feather & Nest is the ideal place to come. A popular plant within our collection is the Monstera Cheese Plant - Small. This is also referred to as the Swiss Cheese plant, and it grows beautiful leaves with splits and holes. It was on-trend in the 70s and has re-emerged as a cool, stylish plant to have in your home right now. Best in indirect light and only needing watering sparingly, the Monstera Cheese Plant is really easy to care for and look after. 

Another lovely small house plant to buy is the Calathea Peacock Plant - Small. It is native to Brazil and boasts impressive, unique and striking leaves with dark green feathered stripes and a pinkish red underside. This house plant has lots of character and individuality, and is one of the most sought-after plants right now. 

If you are interested in finding out more about either of these two options or would like to explore our entire range of small house plants in the UK, then go to the Feather & Nest online store today.

Benefits of Having House Plants in your Space

House plants give the homeowner a number of benefits. Indoor house plants can make you feel happier at home. They can improve your overall mood, productivity and concentration, enabling you to work and live better in your living area.

Furthermore, house plants clean the indoor air in your space - getting rid of toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Also, house plants are therapeutic and caring for them on a daily basis is a positive, mindful activity to regularly practise. If you would like to buy small house plants in the UK, then visit the Feather & Nest site today.

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