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Closed Terrarium Plant Bundles - Make your own Terrarium

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Humidity loving plants will thrive in a closed glass Terrarium jar, as it's the perfect environment of moisture and heat for them to flourish.  We have hand picked a selection of plants and created our Terrarium plant bundles. Our bundles contain a variety of humidity loving plants as listed below:

  • Baby Tears Plant (pilea depressa) - perfect for creating a nice blanket of greenery
  • Creeping Fig Plant (ficus sunny) - with lots of foliage this make a great centre piece in your Terrarium
  • Fittonia Nerve Plant - it's interesting leaves add texture & colour to your Terrarium
  • Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepsis) - this hardy fern adds vibrancy and foliage to your Terrarium
  • Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes) - it's pretty pink & green leaves adds softness and colour to your Terrarium
  • Maidenhead Fern (Venus Hair Fern) - delicate foliage adds volume & softness to your terrarium

The list above is not exhaustive, and your bundle may contain other plants not listed depending on availability. All plants will be suitable for a closed glass Terrarium.

Choose the bundle size needed to fill your Terrarium, and we will select a mix of plants ensuring you receive a choice of plants that will compliment each other inside your Terrarium. 

Bundles are available in the following sizes:

Small - 3 plants, ideal for smaller Terrariums

Medium - 4 plants, ideal for medium Terrariums

Large - 5 plants, ideal for larger Terrariums

Plant sizes vary from 6-8.5cm diameter nursery pots. A single Fittonia plant can be broken down into several smaller plants, which are perfect for filling in around larger plants within your Terrarium.

What is a Terrarium?

A closed terrarium is a sealable glass container containing soil and plants. Once the plants are sealed inside they photosynthesise creating heat & oxygen, which in turn creates condensation on the inside of the glass vessel.  This is how the terrarium self waters! There is very little hands on care required making these fascinating self sufficient eco systems, very very popular! They are great too if you are looking for a pet friendly alternative to houseplants.

Read our checklists below to make sure you have everything you need to plant your own Terrarium!

Terrarium materials checklist:

  • Terrarium Soil - specialist blend for humidity loving plants
  • Activated Charcoal - to prevent mould & add layer of filtration
  • Stones or grit - for added drainage layer
  • Selection of humidity loving plants
  • Decorative Stones - to add dressing around your plants
  • Moss - to add dressing around your plants

Recommended tools:

We recommend using the following tools to help make planting your terrarium simpler. You can find most of these items in your local hardware or kitchen store.

  • Long Tweezers - for lowering plants into your terrarium
  • Long Cocktail Spoon - for making planting holes
  • Measuring Jug - to add soil & stones to your Terrarium
  • Cork soil Patter - to pat down soil around your plants 
  • Radiator Paint Brush - for cleaning the inside of your jar

We are vey excited to launch our Terrarium pick 'n' mix station in store and online, where you can buy everything you need to create your own Terrarium at home!

This listing is for the plants only, all other materials are not included and need to be bought separately.