Ho Ho Ho Handsome Hand Cream

Ho Ho Ho Handsome Hand Cream

£7.00 GBP

Designed to soothe his skin, replenish lost moisture and help to heal the damage of daily wear and tear. Our hand cream has a thick luxurious texture. It will soften the hardest of skin and leave his hands looking damn handsome.

With a light, refreshing, natural scent of Peppermint and Lemon essential oils, our non-greasy hand cream, moisturises without leaving residue. Perfect for avoiding any awkward moments when shaking hands in the important meetings which fill his day.

Made in England a natural age-old recipe, this hand cream is rich in vitamins and minerals which help to moisturise skin, soothing the pores and conditioning the nails.

Completely free from Sodium Laureath Sulphate, parabens or phtalates. This thick lotion is crafted to help your hands, not harm them. 50ml tube.