'I Miss Your Face' String of Pearls Mini Potted Plant


The String of pearls or String of Beads plant (official name Senecio Rowleyanus) is a flowering plant in the daisy family Asteraceae native to south west Africa. This plant was named after British botanist Gordon Douglas Rowley who specialised in Cacti and succulents. Like most succulents, it requires very little hands-on care.

In addition to its unique foliage, string of pearls can produce tiny white flowers with bright coloured stamens.

Be sure the plant (and any fallen beads) are out of reach of children and pets: This succulent can be toxic when consumed.

Plant Care Tips:

  • Watering: Like most succulents, string of pearls is drought tolerant. Make sure to plant it in a pot with a drainage hole and use potting mix suitable for cacti. Soak the soil thoroughly when watering, then make sure to let the topsoil dry out completely before watering again
  • Light: String of pearls does well in bright light. Consider placing it on a sunny windowsill

Plant Details:

  • Pot measures 7cms diameter, 7cms height
  • Total height including Plant approx 12cms
  • Decorative Face pot is included, available in 3 designs: Winking Face, Sleepy Face & Cute Face

Plants are living things and can vary slightly in appearance from the images shown, they have imperfections just like we do.  We ensure that all our plants are happy & healthy before they are shipped to their new forever homes.

Our plants not only look good, but are proven to reduce stress and make the air in your space a lot cleaner. 

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