Monstera Cheese Plant - Medium


The Monstera also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant grows large leaves with splits and holes, hence the nickname.  A popular plant back in the 70's and now right back on trend again!

This plant is best placed in indirect light and watered sparingly - allow the compost to dry out before re-watering. It loves humidity so is ideal in a bathroom if there is good light.

Plant Care Tips:

  • Watering: Allow the top few inches of soil to dry out between watering. This plant likes a humid environment, so it’s often recommended to mist the leaves
  • Light: Too much direct light can damage the leaves, while too little light can slow down growth. Aim for bright shade

Plant Details: 

  • Nursery Pot measures 17cm
  • Plant approx 50-60 cms height, this is a medium to large plant
  • Fits Decorative Pot 18 cms upwards 
  • Decorative Pot not included

Recommended Pots:

Plants are living things and can vary slightly in appearance from the images shown, they have imperfections just like we do.  We ensure that all our plants are happy & healthy before they are shipped to their new forever homes. 

Our plants not only look good, but are proven to reduce stress and make the air in your space a lot cleaner. 

Give a gift that keeps on growing! 

All our plants come with a 'Plant Personality' care card, detailing exactly how to care for your plant.  If you want to send this plant as a gift we can also include a hand-written card and won't include the price on the plant.  Just pop your message in the notes section when you check out.

You can also watch our House Plant SOS series on You tube & IGTV to learn how to keep your plants happy & healthy!