Say it with Songs Card - 'Happy Birthday'


Send a song in a card! Say it with Songs is a brand new greeting card company that combines the sentiment of a greeting card with the power of a song! We’ve all been there, trying to find that perfect card which can sum up in seconds just how much we love & care for someone. Something that’s not too cheesy or too cliche, cute but not over the top, subtle but romantic and from the heart, yet often nothing quite hits the spot....

This unique music card plays the classic song Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder.

On the front of the card is the lyric 'Happy Birthday' which is foiled in stunning gold, inside of the card has a printed message on the left inside page that lets the recipient know 'You've been sent a song',  the right hand side is left blank for your personalised message (and to let the lyrics do the talking)

On the reverse of the card, you will find a code that is instantly activated by opening a smartphone camera and pointing it at the code.

You are then given the option to stream the song instantly from either Spotify, YouTube or Amazon Music. Choose your provider & the song will play, as many times as you like. If you don't have a premium account through Spotify or Amazon Music, then select YouTube for instant streaming; best user experience. Full details on how to activate the song are printed on the reverse of the card.