Serax Hand Painted Mini Plant Pot


These colourful hand painted pots are perfect for holding plants or herbs on a kitchen windowsill or your favourite succulents and cacti around the home.  In vibrant colours with a matt finish they are super cool.

Due to their handmade nature, colour, size and finish does vary from piece to piece. These pots have a matt rustic finish. 

Available in 6 colours:

Grey, White, Pink, Coral, Bright Blue, Jungle Green

Measures 7.5cm height x 8cm diameter

Please note these pots do not have drainage holes. We recommend that you remove your plants before watering to allow the water to drain through thoroughly.  These pots can be prone to water marking if water is allowed to sit in the pot for prolonged periods of time.  Plants also do not like to be sat in water for too long.